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Thank yous

To Krista, Ryan and baby Margaux, for keeping our secret and being phenomenal Canadian witnesses, local hosts, and nuptial-related lifesavers/darlings.


To Alicia for tending our girls during the weekend — we couldn’t have done this without your help, even though you found out the true nature of our getaway only the night before the ceremony…


To Eliot and Nola, our beautiful daughters, and the most amazing flower/ring girls ever.


To Margo, Tracy’s Ukrainian seamstress, for stitching one 15-yard bolt of silk chiffon into a work of art.


To Nordstrom¬†for the spot-on suit, and the aged Italian man who serves as their neckwear guru for examining a small fabric swatch from Tracy’s dress and instantly pinpointing the perfect tie.


To John William Ellis, our BC Marriage Commissioner, for amiably guiding us through the process of marrying in British Columbia, and for making our years of unwedded bliss legal at last.


To Chris at Lucid Imaging, for providing stellar photography to capture the day.


To the staff at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, for anticipating every conceivable need and making this weekend unforgettable.